Do you appreciate what you have NOW?

//Do you appreciate what you have NOW?

If you don’t appreciate what you have NOW how will you NEVER be satisfied in business or any other aspect of your life?

The corollary to being unsatisfied with what you have now is MORE.

MORE interestingly is a relatively recent misnomer that was started in the 1970s. It was based upon a flawed assumption that more MONEY would make us somehow more satisfied.

But more MONEY without being presently satisfied with your lot – clearly does not work NOW?

MORE is therefore often a flawed objective and we have found drives destructive behaviours and destroy many good businesses.

Food for thought?

MORE and being satisfied with your lot are aspects that we cover in the 60 minute MBA. Why? We have found amongst others the obsession with MORE really damages good businesses.

These destructive elements are self imposed, are tough to address and require courage and specific skills to resolve but when you breakthrough and have a eureka moment, incredibly rewarding, transform profits and the way people think.

If you are interested or think your organisation might be stuck in current thinking give me a call, we have spent the last 12 years figuring out and resolving these issues in organisations.

Only the best Tom

Bio: Tom’s has led 25 corporate turnarounds in the last 10 years, winner of the 2015 Finance Today Global Award for Company Turnaround, a guest speaker on various MBA programs and a Fellow and Fellow Assessor for the Institute for Engineering and Technology


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