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Do you appreciate what you have NOW?

If you don't appreciate what you have NOW how will you NEVER be satisfied in business or any other aspect of your life? The corollary to being unsatisfied with what you have now is MORE. MORE interestingly is a relatively recent misnomer that was started in the 1970s. It was based upon a flawed assumption that [...]

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How to Thrive in the Unknown

Are you comfortable stating in a board meeting "I dont know?" The best chess players base their strategies upon relatively rational set of assumptions and can think 15 moves ahead. Given that much of what happens in business is rational and irrational, the breadth of options become almost infinite, so if we think we can [...]

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The Post Brexit Leadership Solution

Take a view yourself on these leadership issues: Have you created a healthy mental environment in which to accomplish daily tasks? Do you look for ideas that will confirm your thinking; or look for trends that will disrupt your thoughts? Have you planted your team in a container that is too small? Starting this journey [...]

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Brexit: what can we learn?

The Brexit vote forced individuals to align their action (our vote) with their values and beliefs. This decision has opened Pandora’s box for leaders and brings to light some hidden areas that progressive leaders can learn from: How much our values influence decision making in a business context. The Brexit decision has not been about [...]

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