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We keep fresh thinking Alive as the means to transform Results

Whilst We Welcome Executive Roles, We Also Engage in These 3 Ways:

We Work Alongside Your Team

To observe and develop the team dynamic
Mentor individuals, executives as well as successful leaders
Support resolving difficult situations and reduce stress
Embed experiential learning and embed new behaviours
Enable effective engagement at all levels

Raise Expectations

Enable results when teams get stuck
Provide ongoing implementation oversight and support
Identify blind spots where an organisation may be trapped
Increase Gross Margins by revitalising The Core Business
Commonly Raise productivity from between 30-70%

Immediately Deliver

Enable individuals to become self aware
Experience the impact of changing behaviour
On line material to suit the specific business challenge
Bespoke Masterclasses for executive or business teams
Enable opening new ways of thinking
Shine light on blindspots to experience eureka moments

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”
― Socrates

“In an incredibly short period this course imparted, not just mechanistic knowledge, but deep understanding of the principles behind the proven tools for coaching at senior levels. I can see that, with a little more diligent practice, these tools will make me a significantly more effective leader that is extracting the highest possible performances from my team.”
Alistair Greenfield, (former Arm plc FTSE 250 Exec)
“Case studies brought context”, “ Follow up would be crucial to ensure we don’t return to normal problem solving interims.”
Iain Bubb , Glaxo Smith Klein
“Without doubt the most powerful formal learning experience of my life. Everyone who participates with an open mind will come away from the event a changed person. A must for senior management operating in a rapidly changing environment”.
Sean Clancy, Baxters Food CPO
“Excellent content and format, I believe the Course will help me to win business and manage engagements far more effectively.”
Darrell Smith, BNY Mellon
“This really is different don’t mess up the implementation”. “Icebreaker can present a unified team approach”, “Removing ego and responsibility from finding solutions is not abdicating”. “Physician heal thyself” by understanding yourself better you can relax more around others. “The mind is in many ways stronger than the body – believe you can change and you will “
“It still feels like good value in spite (or because) of the fact that it was my own money!”
Dan Leyland, Nike

The Corporate Leadership Development Challenge

This is the typical heirarchy structure of many leadership development models:

Contributor – client manager project manager
Senior Contributor – client director
Leadership – developing people and execution
Senior leadership – strategic thinking, empowered, community
Executive leadership – drive collaboration – global level

From top – bottom there is a common thread: everyone must have a role and be accountable At all levels people have experience, knowledge and the challenge is converting that into value. Organisations need a healthy 2 way information flow and communication, initiative and implementation from top to bottom and retain a HEALTHY PERSPECTIVE.
This level of development is normally centred at the top only: limiting the opportunity for staff

The business drivers to succeed require: agility to keep the business aligned with customers requirements, stronger relationships and profit, alongside capability development on the job driven by experiential learning as the means to create high performance leaders.

These are often hidden such as awareness of self and others, by exposing generalisations, through high integrity communication and developing a love for others.

The challenges are to accept we developed most of our (leadership) traits before we were 7! We are flawed, organisations unknowingly create underperformance, organisations erodes margins by losing sight of their core business, organsations mantras create blind spots, thinking is undervalued, the best people (who care the most) are often trapped and underperforming, current thinking limits aspirations, communication, little self awareness and little awareness of others, productivity is low, misaligned values and beliefs causing stress, lack of grit to stick to the plan, little awareness of how to manage mistakes & leadership role models are often flawed

Organisations can embed experiential learning on the job as the means to transform capability, create high performing teams to achieve faster results, address the productivity gap often 30 – 70% with less stress, recognise their own blind spots and myths, create a thinking culture, create a mini CEO culture of empowerment, develop self awareness, awareness and love for others, show how to lead change at all levels on the front line, identifying productivity improvement, what behaviours to stop / start doing, understand the basis and how to build trust, how to delegate and let go to reduce risk how to appreciate what you have achieved in order to retain sight of core business.

Tom is an executive with enormous drive & energy and is enthusiastic to get the right result. Hard working and job focussed, Tom is an excellent asset.
Tony Murphy (Partner), London Harrisons
Tom increased divisional profit at Huntleigh Healthcare by 10% in 6 1/2 months” “Tom very quickly understood the culture. He identified the critical areas of the PE acquisition. The majority of this plan did not change”.
Ian Jones Managing Director , Huntleigh Healthcare plc
Tom combines a quiet low key persona with a most tenacious commercially driven process. In hrs he picks up all the key elements of a business issue and feeds back and detailed action plan that with his personality breeds real confidence in his ability to transform a challenging business situation. Great guy and fun to trust and work with in any high level management.
John Webster, Former Financial Services CEO
I would recommend Tom to any business needing a rapid and intelligent diagnosis of its strategic position and immediate energy and clarity to help management implement turnaround solutions. He brings clarity and focus and they encourage direct and concise communication within the management team. He provides vital pressure for progress along with quality input and the valuable opportunity to sound ideas out. He was instrumental in the introduction of clear and relevant KPIs together with a crisp weekly format for reviewing which means that the function of our Senior Management Team has improved substantially”.
Paul Cunningham MD , Aspace
” Tom is an entrepreneurial executive who has an excellent track record in delivering creative solutions. He has led the development of a unique team approach to interim that provides outstanding return on investment. I warmly recommend Tom to all.
Sean Clancy, Baxters Interim CPO
Tom came into the Safran Aerospace at a critical time when significant change, support and direction were needed. Tom meticulously guided the team, working within his revised management structure that started to quickly deliver results, which took the whole team by surprise. Tom achieved a more capable, competent and confident team
Paul Gardner, Safran Group SA
Winner Management Today / CBI award; “Trend Controls as Pickering says has its cake and is eating it.”
Dr Marek Szwejczewski, Cranfield University
“In 4 days of due diligence with the icebreaker team at Birkbys Plastics we gained credibility with the vehicle manufacturers armed with the root cause, sound analysis and a recovery plan “
Steve Keating, Privet Capital LLC
Tom is an energetic and engaging executive with a cooperative and can do approach. He was able to provide leadership to the team and I always found him to be challenging yet professional. Tom leads with huge drive and energy. He is able to provide a unique perspective across the whole gamut of professional services and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. If there is ever a situation that requires energy, insight and action, then Tom is the man. I would recommend Tom without hesitation.
Karl Zierold MD, Trend Control Systems (Honeywell Group)
” Tom led the Safran Aerospace customer facing team to improve customer satisfaction from 55 – 76%, and program delivery from an unknown to 85%. “it’s been great working with you. You’ve certainly brought a new dynamic” “Tom quickly got to grips with the real issues facing the engineering team and the wider issues facing its interaction with the rest of the business. He worked with energy and enthusiasm to restructure the team and give them direction, motivation and create the platform for the team to deliver.”
Sales Director, Safran SA Group
“Having experienced the 2 day icebreaker program, I can see exactly the application of this material to Turnaround scenario’s.”
Tyrone Courtman (UK President TMA) , Turnaround Management Association
“In an incredibly short period the icebreaker program imparted, not just mechanistic knowledge, but deep understanding these tools will make me a significantly more effective leader who is extracting the highest possible performances from my team.”
Alistair Greenfield, ARM Holdings Marketing Direcor
I have to say the 60 minute MBA was outstanding. I’ve worked in big corporations for 20 years now and have seen many management styles. Your model is bang on and taught me a few things I will try and put into practice. The challenge is most people think they know best and don’t like to be told otherwise. That’s why it’s so important to get external independent advice on such things. I think your advice is valuable for anyone working in business
Rory Raftery, (Bayer IT Manager)

We are here to enable your team completely transform your business